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Versions and features::::::

4.3 Version

-Based on leaked 4.3 fw XXUMI6

-Pure Stock look and feel



-Rooted with latest super su 1.65

-HD voice(thanks to tarzan11)


-All available languages for kb enabled

-Almost all N3 features

-Air command


-Action memo

-Pen window

-xposed framework

-Wanam xposed module

-option for transparent weather widget

-ram tweaks

-dalvik tweaks

-Call recording

-Exit browser button


4.1.2 Vesion::::::

-Based on latest  XXDMD6 FW

-Multi Modem 

- Stock look no themes



-Pre rooted with super su

-Multi csc (set to EUR)

-Aroma installer

-No need of wiping anything if you re intended to update only. Just press install. Dalvik n cache automatically wiped

-Most samsung bloat apps removed while you have the ability to choose them in aroma one by one or all of them as they are pre checked

-Rock Stable, performance and battery life at the same time

-Stock kernel 

-NEAK kernelcomes with uNEAK free app(Full features with pro key from playstore)

-Saber Kernel(come with trickster mod and voodoo app)

-Redpill Kernel(comes with stweaks app)

-Simplistic Framework (included mw control and toggles control app but [B]need simplistic control from play store to unlock all features[/B])

-HD Voice worldwide (if your carrier support it) Thanks tarzan11 for that :)

-Unlimited receipients for sms and no conversion to mms

-Some small scripts to make device more stable under heavy load(simulated to 180%)

-Speed tweaks and ram tweaks to make system breathe more

-Click sounds instead of water sounds with the option to change them during install

-Sound menu in camera (you can set capture sound on or off)

-Ability to choose between transparent or stock weather widget

-Ability to choose call button in contacts list

-Removed update software in settings

-Display hardware revision in settings


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